Thanks so much for being so wonderful always

Thanks so much!

Katherine R

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Dominick Dias

“I am completely impressed, your auto prices are the lowest I ever seen, thank you for the savings, my family appreciates all we can save”

Eli & Nicole M.

“Very exciting” Your prices are fantastic for the life insurance!!!

Maison M.

“Your service is Excellent”

Pierre M.

“I am in the process of purchasing my first home, and my Agent has been such a great help.”

Crystal L.

I recommend ERIE to all my friends and family because of my Agent.

Brian B

My husband died very suddenly two years ago, and my Agent was very quick with his condolences and delivering the life insurance benefits.

Sarah K.

My business was struck recently with a devastating fire that resulted in almost a total loss. With one phone call to Erie Insurance, my claim was taken care of.

James B.

We had a fire in our house... burned everything. The service that was provided to us has been wonderful, and our coverage was out of this world. I never believed that we had such good coverage, and in no time at all, we got the payment.

Lawrence & Reta S.

We have been with ERIE since our business began in 1994 and personally for over 30 years. Thank you to everyone who helped us with our claim.

Dave & Peggy M.

It is encouraging to know that your insurance company is looking out for its Customers.

Richard & Joan C.