Add Value to Your Workplace with Group Life Insurance
Good benefits can help you attract and retain great workers. Adding group life insurance to your employees’ benefits package can be economical and easy. Whether you have two employees or 200, we can help design a life insurance program for your business.

Erie Family Life* offers two insurance plans for the workplace:

  • Group Term Life
  • LifeworksSM

Group Term Life
Group Term Life is life insurance protection with premiums paid by the employer as a benefit for workers. It is designed to cover all employees in a plan with premiums typically paid 100 percent by the employer. This is an annually renewable term policy providing a guaranteed death benefit.

  • Basic Coverage – $10,000 to $500,000 per employee. The maximum coverage amount is dependent on the number of employees within a group. Three different insurance schedules are available: flat amount of coverage, coverage amount varying by work classification, and coverage as a multiple of your employees’ salaries.
  • Supplemental Coverage – An additional amount of insurance in excess of basic coverage that is paid by the employee. Basic and supplemental coverage are subject to maximum limits.
  • Waiver of Premium – This benefit is automatically included for ages 18 to 59. The Waiver of Premium benefit continues the insurance protection through age 65 with no further premium payments should a covered employee become totally disabled for more than nine months prior to age 60.
  • Conversion – Upon termination of employment, a covered employee may convert all or part of his or her insurance coverage without evidence of insurability to any policy offered by Erie Family Life for group conversion.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (optional) – If the benefit is included on your additional amount equal to the life insurance benefit. In the event the employee loses a hand, foot or sight in one eye, Erie Family Life will pay an amount equal to one-half the life insurance benefit for a single loss or the full benefit for any combination of multiple losses.
  • Dependent Coverage (optional) – If dependent coverage is included in the group life contract, covered employees can elect coverage for their spouses and eligible dependent children.

LifeworksSM, Erie Family Life’s voluntary payroll deduction program, may be offered in conjunction with our group term life insurance plans at no cost to you. As the employer, you simply agree to let us meet with each employee and process the scheduled deductions from their paychecks.

  • Types of Coverage – Both whole life and 15 convertible term insurance plans are available.
  • Amount of Coverage – $5,000 to $150,000 depending on the plan and age of the insured.
  • Dependent Coverage Available – Full-time employees may purchase additional life insurance for their spouses and eligible dependent children and have the premiums conveniently deducted from their paychecks.
  • Waiver of Premium – This benefit is automatically included at issue ages 15 to 55.
  • Portable Coverage – These plans are individually owned by the employees. If they leave employment, they can continue with their life insurance coverage.

We can help design a life insurance program for your business. Contact us today.

*Erie Family Life products are not available in New York.

Having a Safe Workplace is Smart Business
Business owners have the absolute responsibility for the day-to-day health, safety and welfare of employees and worksite visitors. To make your work place safer, know the three common areas of risk: people, environment and company.

People First

Keeping your employees safe and healthy is good for your business. To do that:

  • Offer prevention and wellness activities
  • Have options in place so injured employees can receive immediate treatment
  • Consistently search for and eliminate workplace hazards
  • Offer early intervention and rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol abuse and mental health problems
  • Make free flu shots available

A Safe Environment
Heavy equipment, electrical hazards, even keyboards can pose health threats to your employees. For a safer workplace environment:

  • Conduct routine maintenance and housekeeping measures
  • Frequently check for proper ergonomic conditions
  • Check all equipment for unsafe wear and tear
  • Educate workers on identifying hazards and risks
  • Make sure employees wear necessary protective equipment
  • Create and rehearse a worksite disaster plan
  • Control and eliminate toxic chemical use where you can
  • Make your workplace smoke-free

From the Top
Safety starts with a company’s leadership. To establish and communicate your vision, mission, policies and trust:

  • Keep confidential medical information protected
  • Offer educational programs to improve health and safety
  • Thoroughly analyze accidents for prevention
  • Have a zero-tolerance policy for workplace violence
  • Offer access to cost effective health care benefit programs
  • Begin an employee assistance program

If you have any employees, most states require you to have an active workers compensation policy to insure coverage for those employees against a workplace injury. In most cases, the owners of a sole-proprietorship or a partner in a partnership are not considered employees and have the option whether to cover themselves or not.

For more information about workplace safety and disaster preparedness, visit these sites:

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